For Your Little Adventurer: The Front-Facing Carry

For Your Little Adventurer: The Front-Facing Carry

Babies love to explore the big, exciting world around them. They love the sounds, colors, lights, people, and places they experience. Parents can greatly aid their child’s learning by facilitating fun experiences every day. Being exposed to a variety of sights and sounds each day can boost an infant’s cognitive and social development. Even mundane tasks can be interesting to a baby!

One of the easiest ways to expose your baby to a variety of enriching experiences is by babywearing. At KeaBabies, babywearing is comfortable and simple with the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier! The carrier can be used for many holding positions, including the Front-Facing Carry. Wear your baby as you prepare a snack, go grocery shopping, dance, or take a walk around the block. The Front-Facing Carry allows babies to experience the wonderful world around them!

Never tried the Forward-Facing Carry before? Here are some simple instructions to follow. Remember, always follow safety precautions when babywearing and do not use a carry position that your baby is not developmentally ready for.

The Forward-Facing Carry position is for babies with full head and neck control, which usually occurs between 5-6 months of age. This is a great position for babies who want to experience the world as you do, facing outward.

How to tie your KeaBabies Wrap Carrier:

  1. Find the middle of the wrap by locating the Keababies logo. Place the logo flat against your stomach, wrapping both ends of the wrap around your waist to your back.
  1. Form an “X” pattern by crisscrossing the ends of the wrap behind your back, and then pull the ends of the wrap-up and over your shoulders. Make sure the ends stay as flat as possible – avoid too many twists in the fabric. This can make tying the wrap uncomfortable.
  1. With both ends of the wrap now in front of you, take each end and tuck it under the Keababies logo that is against your stomach. Crisscross them again, and pull around your waist toward your back.
  1. The final step is to double knot the wrap. You can do a little trial-and-error to figure out which tie position feels right to you. You can either knot it behind you, on your side, or crisscross the wrap behind your back at waist level, bringing both ends back to the front and double knotting in front of your waist.


How to use the Front-Facing Carry:

  1. Follow the instructions above on How to Tie your KeaBabies Baby Wrap around your body.
  2. Hold your baby facing away from you, and insert one of the baby’s legs under the piece of fabric closest to your body. Make sure you hold baby firmly against your chest during this step!
  3. Keeping a firm grip on your baby, shift his weight to the other side, and slide his other leg under the piece of fabric furthest from your body.
  4. Spread the fabric open toward your baby’s knees, so that his legs are in an “M” position (knees at or above his bottom). Don’t let your baby’s legs dangle!
  5. Pull the piece of fabric with the KeaBabies logo up and over your baby’s legs for added support. Pull this layer up toward your baby’s armpits to fully support his body in the front carry position.

baby carrier wrap

Always keep in mind that you need to take special care when wearing your baby in the Forward-Facing Carry position. This position is not meant to be used for prolonged periods of time for several reasons. Firstly, your baby’s legs are not as easily supported in this position as they are when they are worn facing you. Make sure your baby’s legs do not dangle, as this can cause hip dysplasia. Be careful that the baby’s back is not uncomfortably arched in this position as well. It is much easier for their little bodies to curve toward your body than away from it! When a baby arches his back, it can cause unhealthy pressure on his developing spine. Your baby’s head and neck are also not as supported in this position – so always make sure your baby is developmentally ready for this carry position before you try it! Baby should have full head and neck control before you try the Forward-Facing Carry.

baby sling carrier

Lastly, Forward-Facing Carry can be very overwhelming and overstimulating for a young one. It is easy for an infant to get scared and overwhelmed by the world around them. Use the Forward-Facing Carry with caution, and always follow your baby’s cues. If the baby starts to get fussy, it might be time to turn them back around to face you.

The Forward-Facing Carry position can be a great learning tool for your sweet little baby, as long as it is used safely. In this carry position, your baby can feel the comfort of nestling against your body, while experiencing all the wonderful sights and sounds the world has to offer! If your baby is developmentally ready, try the Forward-Facing Carry position and see how he or she likes it!

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